We are a family of 3, plus our mini long haired dachshund Hank. Everywhere we go, we are stopped and asked about our Littlescoots, at the end of every conversation we were told we should be selling these… In the fall of 2014, we started littlescoot.com, selling the same wheels we use on a daily basis, modified to fit LP's.

The Littlescoots are part of our daily life, as much as shoes are to the average person. They provide us with mobility and freedom, the portability allows us to bring them everywhere with us, for example Caden uses his daily at school, I used it daily at work and we use them on every family outing.


Not only are they incredibly important to our family’s mobility, they are a ton of fun!


Sadly, we are not selling these any longer. We started selling these scooters to help other LP's import and modify their own scooter. At that time, there were dealers in North America to order a custom scooter like this. After researching a variety of models in China, I choose the best available at that time, lowered the post and design / built a removable seat, to suit LP's like us for mobility.


Today there is a flood of other 'similar' of scooters on the market. These 'similar' scooters range in levels of price, ability, quality, safety and suitability for LP use as mobility scooters. With these 'other' scooters on the North America market and the manufacturer of the model we sold, stopping production, we decided to stop selling scooters.


On social media we are often asked about the scooters we are using, and what model / make they are. Currently, my son Caden and I use the Segway Mini Pro, but I want to make it clear, that I have done many modifications to the existing Segway Mini Pro. While I love this scooter, it is NOT suited as a mobility device for all LP's and required a number of modifications for us to use. The obvious addition was adding a handle to fit us. Other modifications are designing a seat, that works and is safe, and modifying the sensors to allow light riders like Caden and even myself to control the scooter without it deciding there is not enough weight on board and shutting down.


Once you modify these scooters, as mentioned above, it voids the warranty. Our family is used to that, we often purchase brand new expensive items like cars, etc and start cutting them apart, welding parts and modifying them to suit our stature. In order for us to continue selling, we would not be able to give a warranty, as we would be voiding the manufacturer warranty by altering there product, that was another deciding factor.


We also use many other makes and models, each with there own benefits, so even tho our favorite scooter today may be one particular model, that could change tomorrow or next month or next year, as new products come onto the market. I am very interested in new developments and tend to be on top of the curve for testing these new innovations. I, therefore, had a hard time recommending the 'Best' model, as that always depended on a variety of factors and changed with each new developing model hitting the market, that was another deciding factor to stop selling.


Currently, we are no longer selling, if we could figure out a way to get around the above-mentioned obstacles, we would maybe consider providing a similar service again in the future.


I would like to wish you all luck and if you think this type of scooter would be a good fit for you or a loved one, please do continue to look into it, they have changed my families life.

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