Our Story

My son and I have both used this type of scooter for mobility for more than a combined 10 years. They have really improved our quality of life and are part of our daily activities... [more]


These scooters are NOT your traditional scooter. They work on balance. You stand (or sit) and  leaning slightly ahead to move forward, or slightly back to move backward... [more]

Why We Love Them

With our modifications and custom seat design, we feel these scooters were built for little people. This type of scooter works well for mobility in so many situations... [more]

History of use ?

We are experienced using this type of scooter and able to answer any questions you may have. We also do all of the modifications... [more]

Safety Warning

These scooters only use 2 wheels and require the ability to balance. It is important that you are aware of the potential risks operating this scooter... [more]


Even tho we are no longer selling, this page is left here as a resource for others. These scooters have changed our families life, hopefully this information can assist others...

Our Story [top]

My son and I have both used a 'Segway type' scooter for mobility for a combined 10 years. They have really changed our lives by providing us mobility during daily routines like going to school or work, shopping, going on holidays, to festivals or farm markets, or even just to go for walk along the waterfront.


Being very interested in the Segway, I volunteered to participate in a study in 2006 at GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre, the largest rehabilitation hospital in British Columbia, Canada. The purpose of the study was to see if the Segway would be a useful tool in aiding the mobility of the disabled community. The study included people with a range of mobility impairments. The study itself consisted of roughly 3 sessions, where facilitators monitored and took notes as participants used the Segway and guided it through various situations and obstacles. From the moment I stepped onto the Segway I knew it was the perfect machine for me.


These machines have since become part of our everyday life, we load them into the car and take them with us all the time, as routine as putting on shoes. The greatest thing about Littlescoots is they are fun to use and quickly become an extension of your body. We feel like they were built for little people like us.


Why We Love Them [top]

With our modifications and custom seat design, we feel these scooters were built for little people. This type of scooter works well for mobility in so many different situations.


I am only 3′ – 6″ and using this type of stand-up scooter is like walking around with a 10″ stool. Now on the scooter I am 4′ – 4″ and everything is that much more accessible.



For example


  • Counters: Counters at various retail outlets are more convenient to use, I find myself actually able to use and reach the counter top.
  • Bank Machines: With Littlescoots I can pull right up to the ATM and without any problem complete my own transaction.
  • Manual doors: The footprint of a regular 3 or 4 wheeled scooter can make getting through doors very difficult. Typically, I would not be able to reach any door handle while using a regular scooter or pull it open enough to drive through. With my Littlescoots, I can easily drive right up to the door handle, grab it, pull it open and drive through while it closes behind me.
  • Washrooms: For Caden, being independent in the washroom is a big bonus. He remains on his Littlescoot to reach the stall door, opens it, proceeds to drive in and then backs up to the toilet to sit, all while riding his Littlescoot, its like having a stool in the washroom.
  • Hand Washing: Most public washing facilities are out of reach, again with Littlescoots, its like having the stool with us at all times.
  • Driving and transporting: My son and I both have mobility problems, our family requires 2 scooters everywhere we go. These are so small that they both fit in the trunk of a car. Infact, on our last holiday the taxi we used was a Toyota Prius. Both Littlescoots fit easily side by side with all of our luggage. Each machine only weighs 35 pounds as opposed to that of a traditional scooter which requires loading ramps or specialized vehicles to transport them. With the Littlescoots, they are easily transported and loaded from one vehicle to another.


The other noticeable advantage to this scooter is the size of the foot print they require. using the Littlescoot requires the same space as an average man’s shoulders. Turn on the spot makes navigating with a Littlescoot a breeze in small spaces.


These are just some examples of why I prefer this type of mobility scooter. If you have any more specific questions contact us through our contact page.


History of use? [top]

We have been using 2 wheeled self-balancing scooters from a variety of manufacturers for years. We do all our own customizing and offered customizing services to meet the needs of little people; including lowering the height of the post and a choice from a selection of customized seat options.


Jim first started using a Segway over 8 years ago and Caden started using a Littlescoot 5 years ago, today you will always spot this little family sporting their custom Littlescoots.


Tracey, spent many years prior to Littlescoots, always waiting for her boys to catch up, now SHE is the one left in the dust!


Ah yes! Shopping is a whole new experience now…


We fully understand the benefits and limitations of these scooters for mobility.



Littlescoot Technology [top]

These scooters are NOT your traditional scooter. They work on balance.  You stand (or sit) and move your body weight by leaning slightly ahead to move forward, or slightly back to move backward.


There is no throttle, no accelerator and no brake, they work completely on your body position. To go faster, you simply lean farther ahead. To stop, you simply lean back again until you slow to a stop. The rate you accelerate and stop depends on whether you’re on a slope or flat ground and how quickly you lean your weight. After some practice you will find these scooters are very intuitive and become a natural extension of your body. As you lean and move the post to the right or left, your scooter will naturally turn in that direction.



Safety Warning [top]

VERY IMPORTANT… These scooters only use 2 wheels and require the ability to balance. Stepping onto the base incorrectly, losing your balance or operating under particular circumstances can potentially cause you to fall. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you recognize the potential of falling is a risk while operating this scooter.


On our holiday in San Diego, I fell twice and my son also fell twice. Each time we were both aware of the possible difficulty with the terrain ahead and chose to continue anyway. Most of the time we do succeed without incident, however, on these 4 occasions, we did not. On one occasion, the scooter was not able to make the gap between ramps onto the Trolley, lost its self-balance and immediately shut down which resulted in us both falling forward onto our scooters. Neither of us were injured and again, we were both well aware of the possible outcome. We felt we were experienced enough to give it a try. The reason I am sharing our ‘fails’ as my son calls them, is to ensure that any future purchasers are aware of the risks in operating these scooters. These are two wheeled machines and do require your full attention and concentration while operating.


Now that I have that off my chest, I do want to tell you how much I love these scooters. We usually ride without any issues or incidents and in all the years of using these devices, I would honestly estimate we have only ‘failed’ a handful of times. But again, I do feel it is important to stress that these risks are real and want you to be fully aware and informed of the known risks.


These are a few other situations where these scooters may have difficulty:

  • Gravel: any type of loose footing or material, the wheels need traction (without slipping) in order to stay upright. Avoid all gravel.
  • Any slippery surface: ice, wet floors, wet grass, steep slopes
  • Bumps: I would suggest being cautious of bumps larger than 1″
  • Packing extra cargo: There is no extra storage space, you can only pack what you feel comfortable packing on your back in a backpack.

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